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Mother Nature is giving Melbourne a taste of winter. Suddenly its heater time. Early snow falls on the alps that will make ski businesses happy. The accompanying rainfall has been good so the reservoirs are happy. It’s very nippy early mornings and often raining quite hard, so the dog and I have been staying indoors hoping for a weather break so we can take at least a short walk. 

Not much deters the busy birds who chatter and whistle as they hop about poking for worms or seeds from trees and gardens.

Some have left nests behind, that they won’t revisit. Amazing constructions.

Early morning and at dusk, a Kookaburra sits waiting with admirable patience; suddenly spying something edible that the human eye can’t even begin to see it darts to the ground and without even touching down returns to the branch with a meal. And again sits waiting. This will be repeated until either daylight goes or enough food is caught.

And the last of the autumn colour adds a feeling of warmth.

The weather man foretells slightly warmer days next week. Hope he’s got it right.

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