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It was a beautiful morning for walking and the dog and I did our usual Sunday effort, buying the Sunday paper on our way. It was so still and the cloud cover seemed to dull the noise of traffic from the nearby main road, but enhanced the bird song.

We met a couple of magpies in the local park, sitting stock still watching our progress. They didn’t move as we approached and kept watching as we passed by and went on our way. A nearby magpie greeted with a beautiful warble as if to say ‘good morning’ as we passed beneath a tree.

Our progress is always somewhat slow as for the dog it is not so much a walk for exercise as a trek along the wonderfully aromatic trail that only he can sniff. We stop at many trees and blades of grass so that he can apply time to sniff them in lengthy detail before choosing the appropriate place to leave an announcement that he has also been here today.

As we made our way towards home the sun came out from behind the clouds in all its blazing glory and suddenly it was hot and I became very aware that the humidity today is high. 

Is there to be any thunder today? It certainly felt that way for a while, but now it’s just another sunny summer afternoon.

Back home and back into 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami’s three books in one. I can certainly appreciate that it was published as three separate novels in Japan, but I’m glad it’s altogether for me in this English translation, it is definitely transporting me to a world with two moons, side by side, one normal and one moss green, and one where a mysterious connection is gradually unravelling. 

A nice little quote that also resonates because sometimes I forget things these days - it’s from a meeting where a ‘detective’ is reporting his findings to representatives of the group who hired his services:

There was something I remembered … I thought about it a lot, wondering what it was that was clinging to the edges of my pathetic memory. It took quite some time before it came to me. It’s no fun growing old, no fun at all. The drawers where you store memories get harder to open. I used to be able to just yank them open with no problem, but this time it took me a good week before it finally dawned on me. 

I’m reading book 3 and am at page 618 - only 307 pages to go. Whatever will I do when I finish it? I shall miss this weird Murakami world. 

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Tengo was aware that as he went on writing his novel, a new well-spring was forming inside him. Not that its water was gushing forth, it was more like a tiny spring among the rocks. The flow may have been limited, but it was continuous, welling up drop by drop. He was in no hurry. He felt no pressure. All he had to do was wait patiently for the water to collect in the rocky basin until he could scoop it up. Then he would sit at his desk, turning what he had scooped into words, and the story would advance quite naturally.

Extract from 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

I’m waiting for a well-spring.

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Short Story Writing

My short stories are like soft shadows I have set out in the world, faint footprints I have left behind. I remember exactly where I set down each and every one of them, and how I felt when I did. Short stories are like guideposts to my hear, and it makes me happy as a writer to be able to share these intimate feelings with my readers.

Extract from Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami

This quote from one of my favourite authors inspires me. I enjoy the short story form, both as a reader and as a writer. Embarking on a story whether reader or writer is always a moment of anticipation.  Will the story provide tension, resolved or unresolved? Is the lead character one to befriend? Or initially unlikeable, will dislike transform to empathy as events unfold? That’s the challenge. Answers don’t always have to be fully explained, but the journey does have to be worth taking.

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