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I’ve had a great afternoon reading, appreciating the turning of the pages in the mammoth 1Q84 (there are 925 in all). Pages, the leaves of a book, led me to thinking about trees and their beautiful leafy presence in the garden where I’ve been sitting as I’ve been reading.

I am also appreciative of the trees that line the streets where the dog and I go walking.

Trees with their wonderful green umbrella arches are such a great place for shade, for sitting beneath and just enjoying the gentle breeze on one’s face as the dog does his rush and frolic with other doggie pals, or just meditates on his own, sniffing around to see just which doggie trails belong to a dog he knows.

Perhaps the words, the print on the page, create certain patterns and rhythms. Leaves whether on trees or as little sculptures gracing a rockface or massed plantings that create colour and texture pleasant to gaze upon - leaves are like the words that add the story or structure to the tree.

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