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It’s teeming rain outdoors right now and the heating is on. It is Spring in Melbourne, and it’s been an overcast chilly day mostly today. Who’d believe that for a lot of the previous week it was T-shirt weather, blue skies and sunshine and 21C. Spring is gearing up though and we’ve had a taste of it and it was delicious.

The garden certainly thought so too. The bees were busy in flowers and shrub - a nice steady hum as they flitted about their business. Could almost see those little pollen baskets filling up even without my glasses on.

The blue skies and blossom make for a nice abstraction of line and colour.


The succulent in flowering glory of orange and yellow stood out as a bright spot enjoying the sunshine and providing contrast to the greenery around the garden


The Escalania looking pretty and pink was a magnet for the bees, they were so ecstatic they weren’t still for long enough for my camera to capture them at work, but you’ll be able to imagine a bee here and there on the beautiful blooms below.


Oh and lest I forget - bees love rosemary in flower too.

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I never tire of looking up to see the cloud forms above. The wonderfully blue sky on this particular day made for such a vivid contrast for the soft fleecy cloud formations that looked like snow covered alps or further along the skyline became countries surrounded by azure blue oceans.

I was reminded of a favourite child-hood fantasy. Playing with children who lived in Cloudland. We had some fine times too.

My first ever aeroplane flight when I was still quite young totally spoilt that illusion when I realised that we flew through the fleecy clouds scudding about the sky that day. There was nothing whatsoever solid about them after all. No way I could have played on those clouds - and not a cloud land child in sight either. I was very upset, but the hostess that day invited me to help her give out sweets to passengers. It took the edge off my huge disillusionment and I certainly enjoyed the role. I would be an air hostess when I grew up.

Sadly that didn’t happen either as being tall enough to reach the overhead lockers is sort of a necessity, but isn’t something I am. 

Oh well. Back to daydreaming. Well when I was with the cloud children I became one of them - I could walk on the clouds too. I could run, jump, hop, skip and turn cartwheels. So my happy daydream companions and our adventures remained a part of my alone moments. 

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I’m back. Have been at the Melbourne International Film Festival for the past 17 days and managed to see at least two films a day. Still sifting through a very tired brain to begin to write a few posts about some of the films I particularly liked.

Meanwhile during the last week of the Festival there was a Super Moon and I managed to get a quick pic or two.

The cloud cover was quite mystical and as it moved away the moon’s brilliance radiated through the moving clouds backlit the orb itself. I thought perhaps they were giant man-in-the-moon finger smudges of light.

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