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The humid weather sure brings out the bugs. This piece of pavement, with nature’s help has taken on the shape of a bug that captured my fancy.
Another little pleasure when out walking this week was coming across two women walking a baby in a pram - new mother, new grandmother and six week old baby. “Newbie?’ I stopped to admire; my compliments accepted as a right.
On my way again, Sam the dog happily reads the doggie news stopping at every shrub, tree and blade of grass.
We approached the intersection and I was startled at the lack of courtesy shown by a cyclist riding on the pedestrian pathway (not a shared bike and walkers path). Not so much as a ring of the bell or a sorry as the rider hurtled at amazing speed and then crossed before the intersection directly where the official bike path ends at a major road. We stood transfixed fully expecting the oncoming traffic in both lanes to bring this his mad dash to a gruesome end. Phew. He made it. He didn’t even acknowledge the fact he’d nearly caused a disaster for the motorists who beeped their frustration. I must say this is becoming a frequent near-miss event because cyclists don’t want to stop to wait for the crossing lights a little further along the major road. I guess it will take a tragedy to bring this to the notice of council, road traffic authorities and/or the police.
Thankfully the rest of our walk uneventful; indeed it proved enjoyable as Sam continued his newsreading and returned a message here and there and I enjoyed the lush gardens that seem to be loving these Indian summer days of autumn.
Have a good Saturday evening. Remember it’s Earth Hour tonight, so turn off the lights and think about the beautiful things that nature provides and that are under threat from changing climate patterns.

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Europe votes for an Arctic Sanctuary

March 12th, the European Parliament passed a resolution supporting the creation of an Arctic Sanctuary covering the vast high Arctic around the North Pole, giving official status to an idea that has been pushed by activists for years. Still, the sanctuary has a long road to go before becoming a reality: as Arctic sea ice rapidly declines due to climate change, there has been rising interest from governments and industries to exploit the once inaccessible wilderness for fish and fossil fuels…

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Article via Tone Deaf with information about latest CD from Holidays on Ice.

"Holidays On Ice, comprised of Angie Hart (Frente!), Dean Manning (Leonardo’s Bride) & Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint), will release their third album ‘The Luxury of Wasted Space’ on March 31, with live dates kicking off on April 18 in Canberra."

Read more about this group via this link. They’re very enjoyable and original.

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